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ramblings of a neon radioactive bobble-headed barbie doll

brought to you by another repetetive machine

the neon radioactive bobble-headed barbie doll
27 February 1985

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[clickity clank, clickity clank, the money goes into my piggy.. bank]

...kthx back to your scheduled programming...

friends only
1. A person whom /pam knows, likes, and trusts enough to approve their friends request.
2. A person whom /pam knows; an acquaintance who wants to be part of /pam's LJ doOm.

If you're interested in reading my journal, simply apply within. Maybe I'm not as picky as I seem -- or maybe I am :)

Please do not use any of my photos on my info page, or on my journal without previous permission granted to you. I know there are those /pam fans out there who want my fabulous fat ass to be theirs -- however, I see that differently ;)

[i R panda pamb0t]

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